We collaborate with different software partners such as BPM, Service Orchestration, etc. and its implementation partners, consultants and training service providers. We partner with companies sharing our focus on operational and process excellence combined with consulting and standardization.

Our key partners are as below:

erwin, Inc. makes the world’s No. 1 data modeling software, trusted by more than 50,000 data professionals in 60+ countries. Combined with business process modeling, enterprise architecture, data governance and collaboration solutions, erwin provides the industry’s only unified data management platform that uses any data from anywhere to drive operational improvements and growth.

Open Orbit

Open Orbit is award-winning algorithmic technology for business process improvement. It mentors users through an optimised way of solving business improvement problems – proactively recommending the most relevant symptoms, causes, and remedies for the problem – to drastically reduce project times and costs. It demystifies the science of improvement and makes it accessible to the larger organization beyond just the project teams and methodology experts.

JMP from SAS

JMP is a business unit of SAS that produces interactive software for desktop statistical discovery. Pronounced “jump,” its name suggests a leap in interactivity, a move in a new direction. Introduced in 1989, JMP has grown into a family of statistical discovery products used worldwide in almost every industry. From its beginnings, JMP software has empowered its users by enabling interactive analytics on the desktop. JMP products continue to complement – and are often deployed with – SAS solutions that provide server-based business intelligence.

Kipstor Ltd provides expert architecture consulting and managed modelling services and helps organisations develop quality, trusted and structured information that can be easily shared and disseminated to support better decision making and consistent communication. Kipstor specialises in the following knowledge areas: Enterprise Architecture | Business Architecture | Process Architecture | Business Decision Architecture | Data Architecture

Enate is a UK-based company with a global outlook that provides a SaaS based technology platform to a Global marketplace. Enate orchestrates the delivery and management of services across the digital (RPA, Cognitive etc.) and human workforce. It creates a strong digital backbone for transformation to digital services, regardless of both the maturity of automation within the business or the RPA, AI or Cognitive technologies in play. The system enables delivery of services from multiple locations to local standards whilst maintaining visibility and control, including the automation of KPI’s and SLA’s, aligned to a detailed cost and productivity reporting capability.

Fluxicon’s process mining software Disco is based on proven scientific research, and loved by professionals worldwide. Disco makes process mining easy, so that you can focus on your business.